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Superior water heater repair and installation services in Tulsa.

Although your home’s water heater is hidden from sight most of the time, it’s functioning is vital for whole-home comfort on a daily basis. If your water heater has fallen into disrepair, or isn’t delivering the hot water supply that you need, call the experts who stand out from other water heater companies.

Torch Service Company has been providing hot water heater repair and other water heater services for homeowners in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding communities since 2009. We strive to deliver top-notch solutions, specializing in hot water heater replacement services. Get in touch with our plumbing professionals as soon as you suspect an issue with your current water heater unit.

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water heater services in Tulsa, OK

Signs Your Water Heater is in Disrepair

You use your water heater basically every day. However, plenty of homeowners go for weeks, and sometimes months, without thinking about this unit. It can be tough to know when your water heater is in need of repair, or even when you need a new water heater installation. Keep your eyes open for the following signs that your water heater needs repairing or replacement:

  • The water supply is too hot
  • Your hot water is discolored or has a foul odor
  • There is no hot water
  • There is not enough hot water

Upon noticing any of these signs of disrepair or failure, get in touch with us for professional hot water heater repair.

Why is Your Hot Water Heater Failing?

There are plenty of reasons why your water heater may fail, some of which are preventable, and others that are not, such as:

  • Obstructions in the vent
  • A buildup of mineral scale
  • A disconnected or malfunctioning power or gas supply
  • Issues with the temperature release valve

These issues can be tedious and technical, and require professional plumbing techniques and assistance.

Why Work With Torch Service Company?

24-Hour Emergency Service: Our reliable, background-checked, and licensed plumbing technicians are available to help you with emergency water heater repair services 24/7.

Competitive Pricing: With our amazing prices, you’ll never experience unforeseen costs or surprise fees after a service.

Trusted Technicians: Our licensed plumbing technicians complete all hot water heater installations in a friendly and professional manner, every time.

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If you’re in need of high-quality hot water heater replacement or water heater repair services in Tulsa, OK, get in touch with the professionals who have made these services their specialty. Call 918-992-2981 to book an appointment today.