Slab Leak Repair in Tulsa

Top-notch slab leak detection and repair services in Tulsa.

Although many homeowners aren’t aware of what a slab leak is, if left untreated, they can be detrimental to a home’s concrete foundation. Slab leaks are not to be ignored, as they are a plumbing emergency.

If you think that your home’s foundation is shifting, or you recognize the signs of a slab leak underneath your Tulsa, OK home, call our slab leak repair specialists at Torch Service Company. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address your slab leak service needs immediately.

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slab leak repair services in Tulsa, OK

What Causes a Slab Leak?

Slab leaks can happen for many reasons. However, the most common cause of a slab leak is connected with the condition of your existing piping system which lays underneath the concrete slab of your foundation.

Other causes of dangerous slab leaks are:

  • Tree roots which have broken the piping underneath your home, causing a leak
  • A defect in the construction of your foundation or the piping system itself
  • Old pipes which have been victims of wear-and-tear, which are leaking or have burst under your home
  • Shifting ground due to extreme temperature and weather conditions

Regardless as to what cause the slab leak, our knowledgeable professionals are ready 24/7 to complete any slab leak repair services necessary.

What Are the Symptoms of a Slab Leak?

Thankfully, there are some obvious symptoms of a slab leak emergency underneath your home’s foundation. If you find any of these signs of trouble, contact our slab leak specialists immediately:

  • A noise of running water under your home, even when all faucets are completely turned off
  • Spots of moisture around your property even without significant recent rainfall
  • A noticeable hot spot on your hard floors, or an increase in humidity
  • A sudden spike in your water bill without a big variance in how much water you’ve used

Why Choose Torch Service Company?

At Torch Service Company, we’re proud to specialize in slab leak repairs and other slab leak services. When you choose to trust us with your plumbing emergency needs, you’ll also receive the following benefits:

Competitive Pricing: After as traumatic of an experience as a slab leak, you don’t want to be hit with unexpected fees or surprise costs.

Trusted Technicians: All of our slab leak technicians are background-checked and licensed, showing up promptly to deliver high-quality, friendly, and professional slab leak repairs.

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Upon discovering a slab leak underneath your home’s foundation, call the slab leak repair specialists in Tulsa, OK at 918-992-2981. Our top priority is your safety and whole-home comfort.