Tulsa Repiping Services

Dependable and affordable whole house repiping services in Tulsa.

Recurring piping issues such as pesky leaks and sudden burst pipes may have a greater cause behind them. Old, brittle, and worn down pipes may be the cause of your plumbing headaches, and our team of professionals are ready to help.

With repiping services from the experts at Torch Service Company, your Tulsa, OK home can have a safe and well-maintained plumbing system once again. Old pipes can cause more than just damage to your home, but can affect the quality of your water supply by interacting negatively with the chemicals in the municipal water supply.

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repiping services in Tulsa, OK

Signs That Your Home May Need to Be Repiped

Are you living in an older home? If so, that right there may be the root of your piping issues. Over time, pipes will show signs of wear and tear, completely breaking down in some places. You can notice this damage to your pipes by inspecting them for flaking, corrosion, burst pipes, or major leaks.

You can investigate if your home is in need of repiping services from a professional repiping company by checking for the following issues:

  • A steep increase in your water bills
  • A change in your water pressure
  • Your water supply is an unusual color and has an unpleasant smell or taste

Upon noticing any of these symptoms, contact your local repiping company for a closer inspection.

How to Prevent the Need for Complete Repiping

Although you cannot always prevent emergency repiping situations, you can take some precautions to maintain the integrity of your current piping system. Hiring a professional plumbing company can help combat wear and tear to your pipes by performing regular maintenance, allowing you to see any signs of weakness before deciding to perform a minor repair or replace that pipe in its entirety.

Why Work With Torch Service Company?

Since we opened in 2009, we’ve worked with countless Tulsa homeowners to complete their repiping service needs. Whether you’re in need of a small repair or a complete pipe replacement, our 24/7 emergency service means that you won’t be without your regular water supply for long. When you call, one of our licensed and background-checked technicians will show up to provide you with the solution you need.

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If the pipes in your Tulsa, OK home have seen better days, it may be time to consider a complete repiping service to restore the integrity of your home. Call the local repiping company that you can trust at 918-992-2981 and find whole-home comfort once again.