Hydrojetting in Tulsa

Affordable hydrojetting services in Tulsa.

Are you experiencing a stubborn, recurring drain clog that won’t stay away? Although you may find yourself reaching for traditional chemical drain cleaners and your plunger, you may just be avoiding a larger problem. Whether you’re dealing with a small clog or a major obstruction, we’re available to help you get your drains working with you – not against you – once again.

Professional hydro jetting services from Torch Service Company help you get rid of those stubborn clogs, restoring the health of your home’s plumbing system along the way. Since 2009, we’ve provided Tulsa, OK homeowners with high-quality hydrojetting services to remove excess buildup and grime from their drains.

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hydro jetting services in Tulsa, OK

What is Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting technology works to spray water at around 4000 psi through your drains, jetting away grime and debris without the use of chemicals. Hydro jetting completely cleans your home’s piping system by first inserting a 360-degree nozzle into the pipe. Afterwards, the water is sprayed at an extremely high pressure, providing you with a green solution to cleaning away your drain clogs.

Regular Hydrojetting Service is Preventative Maintenance

As a homeowner, investing in regular hydrojetting service by a professional drain cleaning specialist can help keep your drains working effectively and efficiently. These services are especially useful in well-used kitchens, which are more prone to having food debris, oils, and other grime washed down the sink. Maintain a healthy pipe system and prevent any unwanted clogs ahead of time by scheduling a regular hydro jetting service today.

Why Choose to Work With Torch Service Company?

24-Hour Emergency Service: On top of our stellar hydrojetting services, we provide round-the-clock emergency plumbing services. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any plumbing-related emergency within your home.

Competitive Pricing: Our prices alleviate the stress of financing your plumbing service, as we make sure that you’re never hit with unexpected charges or hidden fees.

Trusted Technicians: All of our plumbing professionals are fully licensed and background-checked, treating every plumbing service with respect while maintaining a friendly and professional manner.

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Homeowners in Tulsa, OK and the surrounding communities have benefitted from comprehensive and effective hydrojetting services since 2009. Get in touch with us to schedule your next hydro jetting appointment by calling 918-992-2981 today.