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It’s the 21st century and you’re still dealing with unlivable heat in the summer and arctic conditions in the winter. If you’re sick of being miserable in your own home, we can modernize your heating and cooling system to deliver the best in climate control!

Torch Service Company offers competitive pricing and expert service in Tulsa, OK. Our heating and air conditioning contractors can quickly repair or replace your system to make your home the coziest place to spend time.

We’re always transparent about our work, making sure you understand the necessary repairs and are fully educated on any alternative options. We’ll keep our recommendations honest and within your budget.

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Breathe Easy with AC Filter Replacement

If you love keeping it cool indoors, you could have a dirty filter that’s been overlooked. Air conditioners tend to run well, even with little maintenance. But your filter is one component that needs attention throughout the year.

Your AC filter should be changed frequently to ensure the air in your home is healthy and breathable. If you have pets in the house, we suggest changing your filter every few months. Our helpful technicians can help you swap out your AC filter quickly and affordably, removing allergens and pollutants from your home. We can even clean ductwork to maintain a high level of clean air for your family.

Regular Maintenance for Reliability

We want you to have reliable and comfortable temperatures every time your heater or AC turns on, which is why we recommend seasonal maintenance. A thorough check-up before the season starts will give you peace of mind that everything is in working order, and you won’t encounter a sudden, expensive repair.

Our licensed and experienced technicians can examine your heating and air conditioning system at a flat-rate price. We’ll make sure there are no worn out components or necessary repairs, so you’ll have dependable temperatures no matter the conditions outside!

Signs of Furnace Trouble

When temperatures drop below freezing, the last thing you need is a broken furnace. If you’ve been hearing banging or wheezing sounds from your heating unit or the ducts within the walls, it’s time for expert help.

Unusual noises from your furnace can indicate a problem that may cause unreliability. Our professional technicians are trained to efficiently troubleshoot the problem and offer an affordable solution. Let us investigate the noises before a bigger problem occurs. A quick maintenance check can save you a ton of money in repairs!

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