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3 Benefits of Servicing Your Evaporator Coils

It is easy to overlook problems with your evaporator coil, but taking proactive steps will ensure the longevity and efficiency of your air conditioning system. Coils will periodically need to be cleaned, repaired or even replaced.

Savings: Early detection can be the difference between evaporator coil repair and replacement. If the issue hasn’t spread to other parts of the system, replacing the evaporator coils under warranty is the best option. However, if the repair costs exceed half the cost of a replacement coil, installing a new one is likely the better option. Investing in a new evaporator coil will guarantee a more efficient system and help to prevent any unnecessary repairs.

Comfort: Replacing or repairing evaporator coils regularly ensures that comfortable air is produced without any interruptions. An optimally functioning evaporator coil will ensure a desirable temperature throughout your property.

Energy Reduction: When the coil fails, the air conditioner may continue to run, but more energy will be used to reach an adequate temperature in your home or building. Keeping this essential component in good condition can lower energy costs and ensure your comfort.

Take proactive steps to keep your heating and cooling systems healthy, like replacing your HVAC filters.

3 Common Problems Associated With Evaporator Coils

Refrigerant Leaks: Simply adding refrigerant will not solve the problem. Trained technicians should repair the leak, test after repairing, and charge with the recommended amount of coolant. Matching the manufacturer’s specifications is the best way to get optimal efficiency and performance from the air conditioner.

Unpleasant Odors: A foul smell throughout your home when air is circulating may be caused by bacteria and mold buildup on the fins of the evaporator coil. When air is cooled, it attracts water vapor and the vapor condenses and drips onto the coil. Usually, evaporation removes the moisture before any harm has been caused. If the moisture remains too long, foul-smelling bacteria and mold will breed.

Frozen Coils: Evaporator coils are naturally cold. They hover around 32° F, which is the point at which water freezes. Water that remains for too long on the coils will freeze, and the blades will begin to coat with ice. Blocked coils are a typical cause of the problem. Frost can cause seriously inhibit performance of the air conditioning unit.

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